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Hotel of big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty

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Hotel of big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty is by the hotel of SamSung concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of build of designing institute of survey of water and electricity of Dali city irrigation works. The wind that hotel land is in the beauty between Cang Er closes middle of double Yuan road below the city, communication is easy, environmental grace, wine merchant building builds a style for hollow Ou Shijian, for dome arc places top of glue glass daylighting on, the garden type atrium of little bridge running water. The exterior, internal composition is on the style develop a school of one's own. The space of broad warmth, elegant temperament, contracted and elegant adornment, considerate, considerate service. This is you the other in part of ideal life, the home outside your home.
The hotel has of all kinds guest room 82, room type: Odd world (6) , between the standard (70) . Luxurious flatlet (3) , vapour house is set inside. 3 worlds (3) . Indoor set freezer. Air conditioning. The " of " disabled room of special design was offerred for deformity friend convenient, removed trouble back at home. System of TV of 24 hours of satellites, system of independent closed-circuit television, international home unplugs continuously programmed control phone.
The hotel sets dining-room a fabled abode of immortals drunk, decorate luxuriant, elegance, having a unique style. Bag room 3, the hall can offer 250 people at the same time repast. Of the carry on austral dish type assemble classical, the cate of include thing, undertake the whole thing the beautiful wine of north and south, enjoy the service of overflow, to the queen's taste the service is your best choice. The shop inside the hotel, bar, hairdressing beautifies hair, everything needed is ready of singing and dancing, fitness. All sorts of assembly room with top-ranking equipment provide excellent conference service, also offer Dali at the same time each travel tourist attraction serves.
The hotel acts on " client the first, quality the first, the management concept that serves the first " , the sincere desire of the home that creates a garden for consumer serves. Make you enter a hotel to be able to enjoy enthusiastic, considerate, considerate, normative SamSung class to serve, in feel wind, flower, snow, month while, the convenience that also standardizes experience management to be brought to you to international, comfortable the safe feeling with the home.
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