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Dali books a room on net of hotel of class of SamSung of Jin Da hotel

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Dali hotel books Dali hotel home page, the hotel of business affairs of travel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that gold amounts to the hotel is subordinate of Bureau of Finance of autonomous prefecture of Dali the Bai nationality to press level of international SamSung grade to build. Be located in Dali town's bustling economy developing zone, all round establishment of shop, meal, recreation and hotel are bristly. East airport of look into the distance from a high place, na Lin railway station, rely on to nod Cang Shan, north to receive Er sea on the west, communication is very easy, the place is very good. Gold amounts to a hotel to cover an area of 16 mus, advocate the building is 7 tall, the hotel owns the with independence luxurious and villatic building between various and luxurious flatlet, cell and standard. Total room counts 117 (set) . Wine merchant building sets old hall, old hall one layer, center of house of flower the press, business affairs, sale center and coffee hall; 2 set a style 4 dining-room with each different, different measurement; Three-layer has high-grade party dining room and electronic recreation center; 4 have billiards room, chess card room, ping-pong, fitness and hairdressing, beautify hair
Hotel characteristic
The hotel is located in Dali town's bustling economy developing zone, in April 1999 practice, the building is 7 tall, in all guest room is covered 117 times, the area between mark 20 square metre.
Establishment of room of facilities of traffic position hotel
Hotel star class: In April 1999 practice
Address: Yunnan visits region of billow of Dali city dark green
Room with the price
Zhou Sanzhou of breakfast of price of room retail sales 4
Advocate in ¥480 of building odd world early ¥190 ¥190
Advocate in the ¥560 between building mark early ¥200 ¥200
Advocate the building is advanced in flatlet ¥760 early ¥340 ¥340

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