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Emperor yuan big public house

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Emperor yuan big public house is located in road of Cang Lang of developing zone of Yunnan Dali economy. Inclined peak of hill of overlook dark green, face Er Hai Bibo nearly, it is restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of SamSung stage travel, the hotel has of all kinds and luxurious guest room, measurement is different the assembly room of the style 5, provide the meal of the style alone, hall of singing and dancing, KTV, sauna, teahouse, coffee hall, chess card room lets you appreciate fashionable culture to the top of one's bent classical! With " the standard that your satisfaction is us " service concept is pursuit, offer for you wholeheartedly " healthy, safe, environmental protection, comfortable " service, let you be experienced everywhere how to catch up with western the pace that develops the strategy, from inside the old eye of days look for arrives the beauty that the history and traditional trace discover she is peculiar thereby and infinite business chance.

Astral class: ★ ★ ★

Practice was decorated 2003 1999
Address: Middle of road of Cang Lang of Dali economy developing zone
Postcode: 671000

All round landscape: Park of sea of Er sea Er

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