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Hotel of Dali Huai Ren

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Bosom benevolence hotel is the hotel of travel business affairs that limited company of Dali city Huai Ren non-staple food presses level of national SamSung grade to build, it is conference of market guest room, meal, business affairs is recieved for an organic whole, establishment complete, function is all ready. If the hotel gives what repose at Cang Er like Shui Furong bank developing zone of Yunnan Dali economy is flourishing a sector of an area, communication is very easy, need car Cheng 2 minutes only to Dali railway station, be apart from downtown 5 minutes car Cheng, be apart from Dali airport 13 kilometers, it is adjacent with booking office of Dali travel commercial and transportation center, civil aviaton; The Er sea park of the say ethical square that periphery still has downy bright phearl and attractive scenery. Size assembly room is set inside the hotel, the conference that can provide special performance of 20-200 person person specially assigned for a task serves, conference position is agile, decorate elegance, lighting effects is comfortable, phonic resembling, mike, write board wait for everything needed is ready of conference support features. First still have business affairs center to reach large. . . [Detailed circumstance]
Hotel address: Silver screen street 3
The price is booked on net of price of room retail sales (inside 4 days) the broadband is booked
Day 180/ of day 180/11 of 180/10 of day of 180/9 of day of the 380 8 between the standard is booked
Day 180/ of day 180/11 of 180/10 of day of 180/9 of day of odd world 320 8 is booked
Day 360/ of day 360/11 of 360/10 of day of 360/9 of day of standard flatlet 680 8 is booked
Day 560/ of day 560/11 of 560/10 of day of day 560/9 of luxurious flatlet 1280 8 is booked
Day 270/11 day 270/ books 270/10 of day of 270/9 of day of 560 8 of 3 people room

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