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Nanzhao moralization tablet

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Nanzhao moralization tablet is in too with the village west on gentle slope, in those days Nanzhao too with the city in. This tablet establishs Yu Tang the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of Dai Zongda all previous (bell of Nanzhao assist general 14 years one by one the Christian era 766 years of) , namely after “ Tian Baozhan contends for ’ 10 years, be worth Nanzhao cabinet when patrol phoenix force is all-time and flourishing, be apart from already had 1200 old histories today.
Moralization tablet is 4 meters tall, wide 2. 4 meters, thick 0. 6 meters, it is Yunnan a the biggest the Tang Dynasty tablet. Openly epitaph 40 3800 more than word, tablet shade is official position autograph 41 1200 more than eaves, because came 100000,harships denudes, still put 776 words now. According to epitaph account, the author of epitaph is Wang Man fill. Epitaph body is essay of rhythmical prose style, content is rich, article dictionary is elegant, clarity of a general name for arteries and veins, get sth done without any letup, and calligraphy is forceful beautiful ease, cheesy Piao Mao, have record musical sound of involuntary discharge of urine of be apt to, the North sea, quarter labour is very elegant also.
Epitaph is main emblazon cabinet patrol phoenix result is slash, emphasize narrated the relation between Nanzhao and Tang Chao, Tibetan regime in ancient China, and the origin of all previous war and course, show Nanzhao betray Tang Shifei is gotten already, hope and Tang Chaohe's good will. Nanzhao moralization tablet is research Nanzhao history, Yunnan place of ethical history and Tang Shi, Tibet history valuable data, have very fundamental value. Was labelled 1961 cultural relic of the first batch of keys of countrywide protects an unit. Billabong tablet attacks south the ground is heavy bury hundreds years, arrive when Qianlong, another name for Yunnan Province of Wang Chang eunuch. Visit this tablet, its disinter and rubbings from a stone tablet, income " inscriptions a gathering of things or people is made up " in, call ” of tablet of “ Nanzhao moralization. Dong Zhengguan of prefectural a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations is in clear Dai Dahe " Nanzhao tablet " write in the poem:
Imprint on the mind clear wave of bath Fu oath, doleful barren tablet is right Er river.
Immediately setting sun listens condole bird, twitter up to now Tuo vituperation pious.
Billabong tablet is open air is placed all the time south, harships denudes serious. The Republic of China 6 years (191 7 of the Christian era year) , plum germ general tablet is erect construct tablet room, it is wall of earth of a tamper. The hut that flag carries on the head. The room of lay aside tablet that committee of Dali county people can'ted bear damaged 1956 is demolished, rebuild for enclosed bungalow of structure of stone of wood of two the standard width of a room in an old-style house. In May 1982, bureau of national cultural relic approves booth of tablet of Dali county Nanzhao and environment to build program, dial special funds to build. Completed enclosure project 1983. Demolished room of old store tablet 1984, built booth of tablet of copy the Tang Dynasty and other establishment, the government still enjoins concerned department person specially assigned for a task or job manages, nanzhao moralization tablet got appropriate is protected.
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