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Plunge into acquire fabrics knowledge

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Plunge into catch, ancient say to wring Xie, it is the craft of manual printing and dyeing of a kind of tradition of Chinese. Plunge into catch traceable when, still do not have final conclusion at present. Occupy speculation nevertheless, craft of this kind of printing and dyeing should be before clip Xie. Because inchoate plunge into catch prevent acquire technology relatively handy, make a tool with needle, line only can. Arise because of our country silk again earlier, craft of printing and dyeing also very develop, plunge into catch a perfect pair of combinative it may be said with silk fabrics.

From existent the earliest plunge into catch goods to look, it is to stem from Xinjiang area the Christian era 408 years the work of period of the Eastern Jin dynasty. Look so, plunge into catch this kind of craft to be in early the Eastern Jin dynasty is quite mature already. When Shi Zaitang is acting, as a result of economic prosperity, plunge into acquire technology also indeed flourishing. Distinguished at that time grain appearance has ” of Xie of agate of ” of dizzy Xie of gather of ” of “ roe Xie, “ , “ , “ the Tang Dynasty fetal Xie ” is waited a moment. Colour has bright red, eggplant the color such as violet, blackish green. Nevertheless even if is filling Tang Shi period, can wear plunging into those who catch dress also can be the noble that amount to an official only, general civilian or not dare of make inquires. Song Shi, to control wastefuling waste, advocate simple and unadorned, heavy Zhen Guoyun, in order to bring the country, the government ever gave orders to prohibit plunging into the production that acquires technology to reach use. Later as chaos caused by war endlessly, the occurrence of situation of turmoil of war, plunge into acquire technology with each passing day be on the wane. However, contemporaneous neighbour Japan, however our country plunge into catch craft to inspect national treasure. Be in Japan up to now east inside big temple, those who return Tang Dynasty of in store our country is multicoloured wring Xie.

Evolve through craft of hundreds years, plunge into those who acquire technology to prevent catch a method to already had a few kinds, coloring also evolves into answer color from monochromatic for many times be contaminated. Plunge into the appearance that acquire grain to have from the center to all around into spokewise craft effect, those who tie the appearance that acquire grain is vivid with silk fabrics elegant photograph humorous becomes an interest. Because this passes technology of kind of old printing and dyeing,still have huge charm up to now.

Plunge into catch prevent paint a measure a lot of. The handiest is fabrics fold hind uses cotton rope bundle up, pull down again after classics coloring cotton rope, glowed picture appeared on fabrics. Still plunge into with millet bead in ancient times into fabrics inside, catch floret, the law of printing and dyeing that is ” of “ roe Xie probably. Olden dye uses plant dye commonly, also say the wood is caught. Commonly used dye has safflower, Asian puccoon, indigo to wait. From the Song Dynasty craft of acting printing and dyeing looks, plunge into catching is the method of printing and dyeing with urban common mill, applied range is wider.
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