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Make wind tower

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The tower that make wind is located in rural area of right place of Er source county yuan well village west hill thes foot of a hill or mountain.

The tower is air brick of type of close brim of 12 class square tower, the tower makes an appointment with 17 meters high, tower square 2. 7 meters. Every class all sides all has 6 opening, the 9th is hanged quadrilateral have diabolo 4, tower most lower level south have, the 2nd south set have a smooth mental or emotional state 11 years (the Christian era 1885) " build the tower that make wind again " tablet. The face sets Dajina have two stone tablet, engrave respectively have: ” of pass an imperial examination of “ a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations and word of ”8 of pass an imperial examination of “ the four stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper. The east is set have stone tablet, word of ”4 of pass an imperial examination of member of the Imperial Academy of “ of submit a written statement to a higher authority, there is niche in, inside buy alone hornstone lion one honour. Save now in good condition.

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