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Always average person of inheritance of ethical folk traditional culture -- Yu R

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Yu Rongxiu, the Lisu nationality, female, 56 years old, always make the same score life of village of prefectural water leak to start person of room of the sheep pen on the village. It is the Lisu nationality the inheritance person that traditional dancing and musical instrument, dress makes

Yu Rongxiu learns singing and dancing and embroidery below the edification of from a child in A Taihe grandma, as time passes, not only former zoology ground acceded the expressional form of Li Su singing and dancing, and acceded thoroughly of Miao Zu dress make and a few main craft. She is with culture of tradition of inheritance the Lisu nationality all the time oneself, via trying hard with all possible means, always make the same score association of prefectural the Lisu nationality at holding water 2002, regular develop activity of culture of the Lisu nationality, the activity of great commonweal sex that whenever weigh great rejoicing to celebrate yuan of day or county,goes up, little not amateur of the Lisu nationality is literary the wonderful performance of the team.

Song of bowstring of sheng of the tetrachord that guidance of excellent place of more than flourish makes, calabash, thin bamboo strip, Ma, favourable geographical position is spat wait for a nation musical instrument and traditional wine are provided reach ethical dress, get of tourist of inside and outside look at in person, have broad market perspective, a few people that keep and other places of hill, angry river circumjacently not only often search to she denounces art of teaching and administrative staff and buy manufactured goods, the friend that waits for even the United States, Japan a few countries also comes to go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures to shop before Muming.

Traditional to the Lisu nationality acting and conventional technology master Yu Rongxiu adeptly, it is person of one god-given inheritance of culture of tradition of the Lisu nationality, saving inside and outside not only, and have in abroad larger force and famous degree, always was made the same score in July 2005 the county announces person of inheritance of traditional culture of folk of people of the class that it is a county (actor) ; Was announced to be state level to protect directory by Dali city in September 2005: Always make the same score Yu Rongxiu of —— of person of inheritance of craft of prefectural nation folk.

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