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Plunge into catch the distinction with wax printing

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Wax printing and plunge into catching is in Yunnan a certain number of planting the way of popular traditional printing and dyeing in the nation, both principle is similar, distinguish somewhat on craft. Wax printing resembles taking a picture technique is same, take a picture art is to use actinic principle, be opposite above all negative (negative) have actinic reaction, according to smooth intensity, response rate is different, formed blacker image object finally more transparent, whiter image is blacker, glue a short while is rinsed in darkroom, use same method, turn the image again come over, it is the black and white photo that we see, the principle of wax printing is more adjacent, adhere to with candle above all go up in partial cloth, put its into dye next, the fabrics that was not adhered to by candle caught the color of dye, the fabrics that is adhered to by candle is done not have, still maintain the color of original fabrics, in the brim that candle adheres to, as a result of the osmosis of candle, the color that is caught also formed osmotic appearance, and color has from do not have the effect, in those days if the person of refine gold continues to study the word of chemistry and wax printing, the likelihood can invent camera.

Plunge into catching the dye with wax printing is OK same, but plunge into caught method more vivid, fabrics is not to rely on candle to adhere to, rely on cord to wrap however plunge into one part fabrics, the share that is pitched is not put in dye, other part formed the color that agrees with dye euqally, bundle up part also soaks those who formed color to transfer as a result of liquid.

Mix with wax printing plunge into the hanging that catchs craft to be made, other handicraft, characteristic of extremely rich people, get the favour of domestic and international tourist greatly all the time. If design and color plunge into namely catch a few more natural. But if consider pattern,be drawn! Should be wax printing design more rich and colorful, figure ground emersion painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style of person style and features, landscape, be able to bear or endure person appreciate. More lively.

[plunge into acquire finished product]

Live as people material currently and of culture standard of living rise ceaselessly, and dress fashionable dress changes warm up step by step, make plunge into acquire skill the times pursuit that gets domestic and international consumer and fashionable dress group and favour.

Plunge into now catch general application to be above towel of hanging, silk and dress.

Plunge into catching hanging is a kind of highest technology that pitchs the abstraction in acquiring a product to go out, it fused stylist and plunge into catch the great creation between, come out all skill and ornamental columns erected in front of palaces of essence of life now, produce contemporary and artistic —— to catch Xie hanging.

Filar towel is a kind of adornment of modern woman. A scenery line that city of beautification life, ornament reachs since, tablecloth is household illuminative a breed, sort of filar towel, tablecloth is various, dimension is differ, its colour is gorgeous, of primitive simplicity. Novel, mix by the welcome of domestic and international friend love.
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