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Always average person of inheritance of ethical folk traditional culture -- Tao

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Tao Julan, miao Zu, female, 28 years old. Always make the same score prefectural dragon street to press down person of group of villager of the Yinshan Mountains of the village that install auspicious.

Tao Julan from a child suffers its mother to make the impact of traditional dress, 7 years old begin to spin with maternal study, weaving, inwrought, mastered the whole technological process of dress of the Miao Zu that make in participating in a process actually gradually.

Smoke twine, spin, down to of weaving, full, clipping, composition of a picture, inwrought, edge deserves to go up again of strange smooth extraordinary splendour bead, piece, make all sorts of colour and lustre gorgeous, the tire with beautiful decorative pattern, amice, Miao Zu dress that surrounds the woman such as waist, long skirt, steamer to love, the Miao Zu close friends of place and adjacent village marries with can asking Tao Julan to do formal attire is fast. Tao Julan is the control with local accepted masses the rare handsome appearance with masterly craft of practice of tradition of Miao Zu dress, the consequence with have certain and famous degree.

Tao Julan always was made the same score in July 2005 the county announces person of inheritance of traditional culture of folk of people of the class that it is a county (actor) .

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