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The congratulate bridal chamber of other people of the Yi nationality is consuet

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Wait for upper beam ceremony to end, celebrator comes before fete is xenial just now people.

Song of congratulation of the mouth that seal dragon wants to be built in the building finishing hind just hold. Seal dragon mouth, some places call “ closure mouth ” , get on last to cover with tiles in fastigium upper cover namely actually. Host makes the painstaking effort that bridal chamber gives to thank mud to be versed in masters are, place banquet for them alone even, and slimy worker master worker also does not forget carpentry master, they make an appointment to come round to congratulate. This seals that chant that dragon mouth song is versed in take the lead in the master by mud. It is he receives host to do obeisance to commonly give on after bright red cock, sing aloud: “ receives host a chicken, wear clothes of 5 kinds of phoenix, borrow you to open golden mouth now, face congratulate host has new home”. As singing of that loud and clear, mud is versed in master hand carries bright red cock and the knives that kill chicken to use, in the congratulation that sends “ good ” , “ good ” in people, he entered dome along scaffold, drip cock butcher down fastigium gallinaceous blood, sing again next: Mouth of closure of celestial bodies of the fine when “ fine, gold of Gu Miman storehouse is fought completely, the lid issues big Jin Wu now, all of food crops gold has ” . Next he each azimuth in northwest of look out southeast, sing the congratulant host, song that encourages everybody to do poineering work, add his humor extemporaneous performance, often be laugh incessant. After singing all congratulant songs, mud is versed in the master climbs next scaffold, come to host before, hand in the cock at the same time answer host, sing again at the same time: A Long Gong already built “ , rash class child comes reassign, congratulant host does poineering work again, happy life acting generation is passed”.

No matter be master of control ink stick,sing upper beam song, still be mud is versed in the master sings closure song, every call master workers a song, master couple wants loud respondent: “ thanks golden mouth! ” . After all congratulation of closure sing, host wants fete master worker of xenial and turbid worker, in order to acknowledge the suffering of their pains, so far, ceremony of the whole bridal chamber that build a shell and the ceremony that chant congratulates a song just announce an end.

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