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Boiler village a three-stringed plucked instrument is cheerful

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Er source Tibetian professes “ rich ” , be called ” of Gu Zong of ” of “ Gu Zi, “ . Run quickly from the middle ten days of a month, De Qin at 50 much people are being made an appointment with at the beginning of 30 time child nomadism of column and other places enters Er source, hind in succession ingoing, main inhabit a region is mixed in village of 3 battalion republican person enter one area. Show population to have 230 much people, language of Tibet of ” of village of Tibetian “ boiler calls “ eminent ” , namely lucky singing and dancing, person of the middle ten days of a month calls “ examine to pull direct ” , namely recreational dance, also call “ song humorous) of ”(circle dance.

Because round fire the pond is held and get a name the earliest,” of “ boiler village is, jump ” of “ boiler village. Fan Fengnian celebrates a festival or should jump when the party. The number is not restricted, do not accompany, not masked also, the place is in the courtyard, gate mouth, square go up or igneous pond edge is OK. Jump time armour second two teams, everybody is arranged embark on a journey, follow the person that get dance, surround into circle, bow take an arm, by left to right, have dance lightly, footloose. Dancing from time to time is bold and unrestrained and enthusiastic, flow of fund of fund of from time to time, solidarity giving a person condenses afferent feeling, like meaning of poetic ’ Sui Hua enjoy. ” of dance of “ a three-stringed plucked instrument has stage property, male dance person rely on bowstring canister closely at dance of edge of achieve of the waist, edge, female dance person edge dance edge is sung, both sides of male and female makes the motion swinging sleeve with bigger range, double foot footfall complementary gesticulation, the body admires Fu to have a red-letter day, move a law to have send, dance appearance is beautiful, already of primitive simplicity is natural, straightforward and enthusiastic, aid of firm soft posture, free and easy and easy. And the typical action that throws sleeve to display hada is distinction at other people orchestic one of main features. The names of the tunes to which qu are composed of singing and dancing has “ to jump ” of sweet Ba Luo of ” of ” of bowstring dance music, dance music of “ A Ma, “ .

The marked characteristic of ” of ” of “ boiler village, dance of “ a three-stringed plucked instrument is undertake in large folk-custom activity or festival festival, masses is participated in extensive, do not divide a men and women to grow young, from amusement sex, of a mass character very strong.

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