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The flower of Dali the Bai nationality is fed

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The Bai nationality, love to spend grass of flowers and plants most. In actual life, flowers and plants is beautification life and the have life picture that adorn an environment not only, and the carrier that still is inheritance folk-custom culture and fitness, fine drug that treats a disease. The crane celebrates the Bai nationality of Ma Er mountain area to spend the flower that eats a red-letter day to feed, do not have distinguishing feature.
Fabulous, the old Chinese calendar at the beginning of May 5, it is the birthday of graceful branch of beautiful god of the Bai nationality. It is day, every family turns out in full strength, festively singing and dancing, you Shan You Cun is picked 100 flowers 100 careless pharmacy. Make even give priority to the flower of makings to feed with flowers in all eat, sacred flower is magical. Later generations calls a flower to eat a red-letter day this day. The traditional flower that the flower feeds a section to eat feeds have: Spend stuffing steamed stuffed bun: Bright cliff sweet-scented osmanthus, furzy full is blended with honey completely for stuffing; Or white azalea is abluent water juice is squeezed after be being boiled a bit with boiling water, blend with fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit, salt, soy for stuffing. Do packet of portfolio stuffing with the flour that receives hit wheat to grind now, go up basket fierce anger evaporate is ripe, be become namely or sweet or salty, sweet delicacy spends stuffing steamed stuffed bun goluptiously. Often feed the meritorious service that has bright eye, be good at stomach, filling head and hairdressing. Spend a steamed bread: Be about to mature and the barley bead that contains a thick liquid and green horsebean valve are boiled a bit in boiling water boiler, portion of water of fish out air, with after the scald in boiling water passes mixture pestle of flower of cauliflower of the white azalea that reoccupy clear water bleachs the crowded juice that use up water, brake, Xianggu mushroom is fine, knead steamed bread of corn, go up basket evaporate is ripe, become stomach trouble of faint scent small pleasant, cure, angina and the drug that fight cancer to feed namely.

Spend congee: Blueness wraps corn wear oar, add is spent with right amount honeysuckle, mulberry and salt of Ding Ji a few boils big jujube, walnutmeat, ham in all, become flavour delicacy namely sweet and the beautiful congee of pleasant. Feed can see hot disappear hot weather, raise heart filling head, hairdressing to lengthen life.
Pollen beverage: It is one kind is used avirulent pollen and sweet the fruit juice of rice wine, boiled water, ginger, walnutmeat fine and soft, hawkthorn, beverage that bloats to Chinese olive juice and honey are made up jointly and be become. Sweet in the bamboo slip that outfit of fine and soft of rice wine, ginger, walnutmeat fine and soft is distributing drink, rush to roll boil to go the boiled water of broken bits, with little bar after mix is even, the add that depend on foreword enters juice of hawkthorn fruit, olive, honey and pollen, again classics agitate, become the beverage of bright sweet Gan Shuang namely. Drink ferry of have a youthful look to stop thirsty, go lack disappear heat, solution is hot clear heart, life-giving filling gas, constant drink has the meritorious service that hairdressing lengthens life.
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