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3 sweet tea and beautiful wine

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It is familiar friend no matter, still be the stranger that knows first, want to walk into a crane to celebrate the village of the Yi nationality of equestrian ear mountain area only, can get enthusiastic entertainment. A bowl of reeky honey 3 sweet tea, a cup of appetizing beautiful wine, it is enter room meet ceremony.
3 sweet tea, in putting tea touch into small terrine namely, bake on low baking temperature yellow, put into spring water to be on igneous pond next boil, go broken bits leaves juice. Put into again fry yellow pound a few of fine sesame seed, walnutmeat fine and soft, infusion moment, right amount join honey, become 3 sweet tea namely. Tea soup small suffering, faint scent and Gan Tian all have. Outside dividing satisfy one's thirst, life-giving still filling gas, have solution hot weather bright eye, fall blood pressure and study swimmy medical effect.
3 sweet tea had drunk 3 make one's rounds, host can pour the beautiful wine with a cup of tangy delicious to display on. This wine is the maize that use blueness " meal " add rummy music to mix divide evenly, sealed in altar " cover " those who become is sweet " rice " wine. Drinkable when, with " flower " water add " rice " wine agitate divide evenly becomes juice and feed. "Flower " water is plum of bubble of the leach that use snow petaline and into, strong fragrance and rich poetic flavour, have bright eye clear heart, have one's ideas straightened out to aerate, the effect that hairdressing lengthens life. Add is become " rice " wine, became stimulate the circulation of the blood and cause the muscles and joints to relax, life-giving filling gas, dispel the wind comes loose cold, remove the vintage wine of overworked.
When waiting for a guest to leave home, host sends a guest one bamboo slip even of beautiful wine of add of 3 sweet tea " Long Hu is fought " beverage, go up for guest road drinkable. Drink, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid life-giving, stop thirsty recover from fatigue, no matter go how long road, also won't feel strain.

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