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Dali person eats raw meat

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Live in Dali after Zhou Cheng, I discover the person here often eats raw meat so, receive a visitor especially, it is the course that attends surely together. Here person kills a pig to retreat Mao Dou is the fire that use wood, unlike inland individual flesh dealer removes hair with bitumen. On the skin after removing hair with Mu Huo, bits and pieces has the mark of igneous hold up, the pork that says such lane go out is very delicious. The raw meat that they eat is the pork that killed that day, and it is the flesh on pig belly.
I see Dali person eats raw meat for the first time is to be on river end market. (river end is apart from Dali Gu Cheng to make an appointment with 30 kilometers, on the road that leads to Li Jiang in Dali. Local makes market " Gai " , river end market calls river end Gai. ) the lunch in the boy of two place deal eats before stall, the dish that sees them dish in have cuts very brokenly raw meat actually.
I ask curiously: "Does this raw meat eat so? "Does this raw meat eat so??
They very great says: "Be! " next, tell me to be touched in condiments with raw meat eat. Condiments is to use chili end, soy, caraway to wait to blend and be become. They let me taste, I use hand signal, not dare! They laugh.
The history that has raw meat to have hundreds of years so according to clansman of spoken parts in an opera. Return somebody to say, a leader in the province also is person of Dali the Bai nationality. Let a driver take such raw meat to Dali everyday almost, go back full the luck to eat sth delicious.
Today, I go to market buying food, see two young girls buy the pork, want pigskin to the boss, I think they were to be taken feed dog or cat.
Boss piece next pigskin, cent of intermediate one knife is done two half, two girls are taken put in the mouth, with pleasure mastication rises.
My astounded!

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