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Kunming is started " harmonious and urban and rural swim " 18 kinds play a law t

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If you are foreigner, still going to where to went to Kunming not to know is amuse oneself anxious? If you are Kunming person, be still in call in to nowhere swims and overtax his nerves however for close friends? Yesterday, the 2007 Kunming harmony that bureau of Kunming city tourism plans meticulously this year is urban and rural swim thematic series activity pulls open big screen formally, the first batch of this activity 18 kinds play a law to also be announced to the tourist at the same time.

18 kinds play a way is:

·Gu Zhengu village swims: Guan Du ancient town, Jincheng ancient town, Yang Lin ancient town, turn Long Gu is pressed down.

·Red travels: Memorial hall of long march of Ke Du Red Army, general crosses bridge of river iron chain, Lu Quancui former residence of China wool chairman; Salary persuades a county to wring smooth cross.

·Karst marvellous spectacle swims: Stone forest, 9 countryside.

·High-quality goods gardens is horticultural swim: World rich garden, Jin Dian.

·Park of theme of the content that use plant swims: Garden of Yunnan wild animal, Hei Longtan, Kunming arboretum.

·Historical culture swims: Park of west hill forest, grand sight building; Recently building, lane of Jin Mabi chicken, faithful love lane, park of emerald green lake, Yunnan army tells Wu Tang; Jin Ning Zheng and park.

·Campus swims: Yunnan university, Yunnan Normal University.

·Religious fane swims: Pan Longsi, temple of illuminate all things; China booth temple, Qiong Zhu Si; Ripely temple.

·Ethical amorous feelings swims: Village of travel of amorous feelings of stockaded village of seedling of well of Yunnan nation village, urine (circuit: Kunming, enrich the people county, urine well village) , A wears village of background people culture (circuit: Kunming, stone forest county, A is worn bottom village) .

·City is recreational swim: Cate recreation (street of recreation of cate of Jin Mabi chicken, city of auspicious cloud cate, elder brother division of entertainment of night fair cate, street of gust of city of grand sight commerce, emerald green lake lies fallow recreational cate area, street of recreation of cate of Beijing University door, shut feral bacterium a street.

·Grange goes vacationing swim: Idle of fountainhead Gu Xiu spends rockery village (circuit: Kunming, Song Hua dam, fountainhead cereal mountain villa) , gules and manorial (circuit: Kunming, the county that search pasture) , Fulangli lies fallow degree of rockery village (circuit: Kunming, fleabane bright county) , Xi Zhu country estate (Kunming, Sha Lang countryside) , mountain villa of golden hill zoology (area of Kunming Guan Du) , Fu Baowen turns a city (Kunming, blessing treasure countryside) .

·Rustic zoology swims: Aureate mantis plain brigade (circuit: Kunming, quiet, enrich the people) , old village of Mai Chong of double Long Xiang of Pan Long area, mountain villa of photograph government office, happy, solidarity presses down Xi Bailong farmhouse farmhouse is happy (circuit: Panther Qing, Qing Longtan, slippery careless field, farmhouse is happy) , base of bivouac of bay of willow of appropriate fine Yang Zonghai, village of zoology of small sentry post of dog street town, strange color the brigade of Dong Chuangong earth (circuit: Kunming, Dong Chuan the city zone, laterite ground) , village of travel of zoology of garden of Jin Ning walnut, official crosses garden of plum bay amorous feelings, greatly high mountain of battalion of the mountain villa of zoology of board bridge Hua Xi, Beijing University that search pasture the 10 thousand mus of prairies, flowers that show tribute, .
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