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City of double edition accept is carried out on the west " travel achieves brill

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Recently, on the west government of state of double edition accept allotted to concerned branch " travel of double edition accept achieves brilliant action to plan again on the west " , the plan uses time of 3 years, achieve again double edition accept travels on the west brilliant, ensure tourism of entire administrative division is visitting banner place completely.

On the west city of double edition accept " travel achieves brilliant action to plan again " development target is: Arrive two years from this year, travel economy growth wants economy of entire state of apparent prep above to increase rate, want prep above to save the average level that tourism develops completely at the same time, carry year of development rate that increases two digit above on average. Achieve travel product trait hard more individuation, travel competition dominant position is more prominent, travel product drives action more apparent. Arrive two years, recieve domestic tourist to achieve 3.1 million person-time, year all grow 5% above; Welcome abroad visitor above of 60 thousand person-time; Income of travel foreign currency achieves above of 19 million dollars, travel gross earnings nine hundred million and twenty yuan of above, year all grow 6% above; The taxation of travel industry covers an area of the scale of square taxation to rise apparently, travel is direct from personnel of course of study above of 18 thousand people. Strive body of ascend of Jing Hong city at " city of Chinese optimal travel " , integrated function enhances product of travel of entire administrative division apparently, tourism becomes my state the dominant industry in tertiary industy.

" travel achieves brilliant action to plan again " Cheng of chemical industry of high-quality goods of characteristic of tourist attraction of area of executive travel scene, nation culture is developed and brand of construction project, travel publicizes sales promotion service of project of development of commodity of project, travel, travel and travel level of management promote a project. Around implement project of this 6 old systems, my city emphasizes form a complete set the job that pays several respects. It is compose establishs the new pattern that can develop continuously in the round, boost resource protection travel development, resource is managing model travel is managed and the environment is friendly model consumptive pattern, build green industry system, perfect innovation mechanism, enhance the development vigor of travel industry further. 2 it is to advance tourism to open to the outside world further, the area outside the churchyard that builds mutually beneficial win-win coordinates development pattern. Carry out big project to drive the strategy of great progress, continue to perfect system of product of my city travel and destination system. 3 it is a development tourism and construction of Jing Hongcheng city close together union rises, promote urban travel function and travel characteristic, can last what drive tourism of entire administrative division in the round development. In the meantime, strengthen travel talent team to build, accelerate raise travel the integrated quality from personnel of course of study. Through taking strong safeguard step, drive my city tourism to stride new development chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position ceaselessly, realize my city tourism to use 3 years time, achieve brilliant development goal again.
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