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Travel of 13 city state restores Sichuan Kunming travel agent enters plain explo

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As Sichuan the province restores in the round from
The market of travel of 13 city state such as guest of tribute, kapok, appropriate. Yesterday, from Kunming city tourism bureau understands, before bureau of Kunming city tourism will organize the travel agent of a batch of Kunming on June 19, begin toward Chengdu " the brigade of love " , include through conformity ancient town of the Zhu Hai austral Sichuan of guest of Jiang Yan, appropriate, Li Zhuang did not suffer an earthquake to affect or the scene area tourist attraction with very little impact, will extend product of Sichuan travel circuitry.

"Because annual this moment has been the busy season that Sichuan swims, but cannot form a delegation again as a result of the earthquake this year, we are very actually anxious also. " what force of nation of Kunming Kang Hui makes Sichuan travel line technically is responsible say, hear Sichuan part travel restores, it is a greatest good news to travel agent, swimming because of Sichuan is home swims an important destination, hold the very large proportion of domestic tourist.

Also partial travel agent raised his concern, although Sichuan travel market restored, but also a lot of citizens still are met somewhat attend to, because just produced an earthquake, and near future aftershock is ceaseless, worry about oneself safety, estimation travel agent receives the tourism group of etiquette model very hard.

After area of Sichuan part scene restores in the round, department of Sichuan place travel states entrance ticket of open background area can be reduced, but next amplitude modulation are ambiguous still, in addition, airliner policy and hotel privilege condition are not Anacreontic also, after so Sichuan travel is opened, go to plain travel expense check is bad still to say. The chief of force of Kunming scene nation says, next scene will promote the product of travel of summer vacation time of circuitry of a few Sichuan, look according to open limits, basically be to be in centrally plain the area of a few scene south. The price that estimation swims to Sichuan does not go more than year of the corresponding period, may lower, this should see the value of traffic and hotel. As we have learned, at present from Sichuan outside the airliner can take inferior price, enter likewise plain price privilege is bigger also, if head for lowest of price of discount of Sichuan airline ticket from Kunming,3 is fold.

The controller of partial travel agent of Kunming expresses, although area of Sichuan part scene is comprehensive open, but to now travel agent has not received the visitor that before seeking advice, travels toward Sichuan, and before the tourist that cancels the journey because of the earthquake, the telephone call that receives travel agent also states the near future won't be gone to plain.

Citizen king lady says: "Originally the beginning of the year is taking go on a tour of family summer vacation time with respect to the plan this year, as a result of,can be the earthquake May, our family cancelled the plan of go on a journey, child father still goes disaster area became a few days freewill person, we also give disaster area the money subscription that plans go on a tour, people of hope disaster area walks out of predicament at an early date. " in visit, the citizen like be the same as Ms. Wang idea is very much, because the earthquake abandoned original arrangement,good travel plans.
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