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"Full city " use up Dai Feicui 7 colour Yunnan makes bracelet classical again po

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Xinhua net Beijing on September 15 report (Shen Lixin Zheng preciouses jade) popular do not become certainly classical, but classical and regular meeting is again popular. On September 15, the reporter is in south 7 pink clouds inside emerald jewelry store see, act the role of in numerous halcyon article include jade, place in be being enchased with fashionable halcyon, emerald bracelet suffers all the more bestow favor on, bracelet ark forefathers is completely suffer from, scenery alone good. "Bracelet " the headgear of this one old, tradition why overnight green coruscate?

Emerald bracelet gets the welcome of consumer. Bracelet of consumer choose and buy. Ceremony of Shenyang of Xinhua News Agency is photographed newly

Just the choose and buy is over bracelet king lady tells a reporter, she is lover of a halcyon, because the daughter wants to get married in the National Day, want to send a daughter a bracelet, 3 years of inn austral 7 pink clouds celebrate as it happens, so specially comes over bracelet of halcyon of choose and buy. And young Miss Zhang expresses to buy a bracelet is to prepare to give maternal celebrate the birthday the gift, in emerald area between each bar " wander " Mr Wang expresses to want to buy a bracelet to regard as marry the sweetheart that commemorates the ceremony sends him.

Bracelet of while you're at it of manager of store of jewelry of the halcyon austral 7 pink clouds Mr Yuan has welcome phenomenon undertakes an analysis: The bracelet is Long Gong's prince originally, fell in love with a girl between every, to bring her auspicious auspicious and happy, prince becomes a bracelet, caress the bright wrist in the girl. because this is fabulous, the bracelet becomes the female's peculiar restful, lucky amulet gradually. Of the headgear with this one old, tradition, classical bracelet once more popularity is its infuse because of the glamour of Chinese traditional culture just about distinctive soul. In addition emerald itself appreciates potential is tremendous, also make emerald bracelet suffer fully chase after hold in both hands.

The reporter still arrives from the understanding austral 7 pink clouds, to celebrate 7 colour Yunnan of Beijing 3 years, the store prepared to include high-ranked imperial concubine the bracelet that all sorts of form such as bracelet of bracelet, blessing bracelet, birthday bracelet, fried dough twist make more than 30 thousand. In addition, to transmit culture of halcyon of emerald knowledge, promotion, the store still held halcyon to carve artwork to exhibit, member collect carefully is exhibited and high-quality goods halcyon is exhibited, among them high-quality goods halcyon exhibits total prices of kinds or types of goods to be worth nearly 3 billion yuan, all be domestic top class halcyon. (Be over)