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Wide hand in meet 100: Yunnan shows hill dew

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On municipal government of Guangzhou of repose of Zhongshan memorial hall. In October the middle ten days of a month, here everyday shadow of garment of sweet hair on the temples, bright will reject toward, person energy of life forces China exports a trade fair continuously (wide hand in meeting) advocate -- Pa continent international exhibition center. What national Department of Commerce appoints is wide hand in meeting in celebration of 100 brilliant series exclusive souvenir show -- " Yunnan image " performing here.

" Yunnan image " act wide hand in meeting, make 50 years be in China the first exhibit on the Yunnan with lonely anonymous lonely, renown head rang suddenly.

Red adds vice secretary of Yunnan provincial Party committee, Ou Anyuan of vice secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee visits premiere site, hand in hand with Pu'er tea of Pearl River bleb. Leader of Department of Commerce, former outside via trade department the old minister such as Shi Ansheng, Zheng Tabin and various official came to many 30, highlight take seriously. Each big mainstream media came to CCTV, Guangdong nearly 30, the message ascends place to sign up for the important news edition of big desk greatly.

16 days of 6 trade performances that come 21 days, field field explodes full. Audience with wide hand in the ginseng of the meeting to postpone business, purchase business to give priority to, more the foreign trader of high nose blue key point that lets get rose of one branch Yunnan people big horizon.

Allegedly, the show still achieved the top class price of Guangzhou performance market, 1080 yuan honoured guest ticket draws the curiosity of many Guangzhou citizens: What star comes, so expensive?

On the domain of family Guangdong, in wide pay the historical hour that meets 100, let singing and dancing of a Yunnan sing commemorative activity leading role, make a person really exclaim.

Pardonable also in wide hand in meeting welcome bender to go up, each province trades colonel people find Yunnan to save small rainbow of son's eldest son of hall of business affairs hall to propose a toast in succession: "Your Yunnan is really fierce, we can come only wide hand in can sell a thing, you had sold culture. You had sold culture..

Are we met by wide hand in can you abandon?

Borrow commerce of article melt into to build situation, and the selection is wide hand in meet 50 years, 100 opportunity, having toing say is suffering of Yunnan intention fine.

"First time place oneself is wide hand in meeting, I have kind of feeling, I feel Yunnan may want by wide hand in meeting discharge " citizenship " . " this kind of worry of Sun Xiaohong, the Yunnan commodity that because historical reason is formed,results from is in wide hand in what can go up is puny.

Current wide hand in meeting, yunnan trades the group is calendar year will join extend scope the biggest, only also 77 enterprises ginseng is exhibited. In whole wide hand in meet more than 30 thousand exhibit in, 152.5 of Yunnan are exhibited, occupy only 0.5% , in wide hand in what can extend round overall arrangement by industry and rather than so is professional exhibit on the meeting, it is a drop in the sea nevertheless.
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