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Spring Festival of Yunnan Dali travel

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Spring Festival of Yunnan Dali travel, yunnan is the province of a minority inhabit a region, city of area of province of countrywide neither one spends the New Year can resemble Yunnan so rich and colorful, peculiar and inviting. The Spring Festival passes to be able to see beautiful landscape not only in Yunnan, and still can appreciate different people fresh and the culture of profusion, full-bodied minority amorous feelings always is enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave letting a person.
The Naxi nationality of the Naxi nationality and the Han nationality cross the Spring Festival euqally, but mobile content is not quite as identical as the Han nationality however. The night of the New Year's Eve, li Jiang grinds greatly the young men and women that presses down and other places can be visited each other do obeisance to friend in person, call " demit year " ceremony, the night in the New Year's Eve shuts this kind of habit and the Han nationality it is different that the door does not go out. And the preparation of the Spring Festival, be from the beginning year kill year of pig and do special purchases for the Spring Festival to begin. The New Year's Eve has the common that slaughters chicken, each equipment manages all sorts of dish, fruit and sacrificial offerings, do obeisance to hold a memorial ceremony for " kitchen gentleman " , receive an ancestor " come home " spend the New Year. When saluting, avoid alien is entered door. When dinner, if the somebody in the home goes out to did not return, also want to place chopsticks paying a bowl on dining table, leave deepfry sweet food, indicative family reunions.
Rub shuttle a group of things with common features is between sea of Er of hill of Dali dark green, see girl of beautiful the Bai nationality, appreciate charm and handsome " wind,flowers,snow and moon " , listen to Naxigule, really intoxicate. If you like to drink tea, must taste famous Yunnan Dali the Bai nationality " 3 tea " . If you want to know the culture history of the Naxi nationality deep more, in Dongba culture garden can find all solutions. If you think what experience Yunnan minority personally,spend the New Year nevertheless atmosphere, be about to come to Lu buy lake rub shuttle village, with Ma Suoqing year with happy.
Rub shuttle person spends the New Year cent is good year and off year, the day is annual the traditional Chinese calendar was mixed on November 12 respectively the twelfth month of the lunar year 30 days. Two pine should be grown before door of the principal rooms in the courtyard, songzhi and chromatic classics long narrow flag are inserted on roof. Boiler picket offers up a sacrifice the ancestor of pig head hold a memorial ceremony for that thoroughly cook and deities, youths round bonfire, hold tumble, have a swing, to folk song, jump the activity such as earthy wind dance.
Festival of area of the Bai nationality of the Bai nationality much, song meets much, temple fair much. Arrive from the Spring Festival the first month of the lunar year 18, have a red-letter day every day almost, nocturnal night makes fun of dragon lantern. Arrive from the first month of the lunar year inside a few months of fry door, month in and month out has temple fair, each stockaded village should greet each village send this advocate (namely the god that this village or this locality adore advocate) , over- this advocate section, very lively. Still have in addition street, butterfly was met in March, circle division of 3 spirit, link to wait a moment. These festivals, temple fair and the association that the song can be young men and women and love offerred wonderful opportunity.
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