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Dragon of dream round season 8, dream of all corners of the country of round a p

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Dali king promulgated a imperial edict to will be held outside city gate throw big-leaf hydrangea marry into and live with one's bride's family, as the town of afflux of stream of people that enters a town inside, see assemble of the poll on the ave is moved only, of variety make a living as a performer, of the cry out that place vendor's stand, good not lively. The picture of on the order for arrest that city gate is sticking 4 old evil person grimace in pain. Listen to a corner suddenly to transmit only noisy, see 4 hand hold enginery hold sb under duress only a hostage, be surrounded all round by officers and soldiers, just when refuse to budge of the other side is medium, jump out person of a few a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, war of in a twinkling kills sound, differ meeting is chopped after killing, 4 people or be captured or by behead, looking carefully is 4 old evil person actually, everybody looks is clap express one's gratification, on the street restored calm very quickly, now and then still a few businessmen that come from India, Arabia are hawking peculiar goods... this is not to daydream, also not be in film, the day dragon with famous Dali is here city of 8 movie and TV, the knight-errant famous book that because of filming gold needs here " day dragon 8 " and famous, made theatrical work of a lot of movie and TV thereby film the ground, if,look around to here lucky still can see the play staff is filming, do bad to still can gues-star a part. Sections of a city close to the city wall of whole movie and TV is occupied " day dragon 8 " the design of the play staff and conception, according to " Dali characteristic, Song Dai characteristic, artistic requirement " the principle of 3 union, consult Song Daiming is drawn " the river on clear name pursues " the style undertakes program, design. City of movie and TV is located in Dali provincial travel spends rockery area to the foot of a hill or mountain an area, cang Shan leans on the west, north is faced March market market field, be apart from Dali ancient city to make an appointment with one kilometer, its project covers an area of 777 mus, first phase project covers an area of 300 mus, total floor area is close 25 thousand square metre, total investment makes an appointment with 100 million yuan of RMBs. Whole day dragon city of 8 movie and TV is comprised by 4 big areas, it is Dali country, the 2 countries that it is distant. 3 for country of the Western Xia regime, 4 it is tribe of Nuuzhen a group of things with common features. The place that a moment ago captured 4 old evil person is the Dali street with the busiest at that time country of Dali of period of Northen Song Dynasty, the scenery on the street is to reflect the Song Dynasty takes the place of at that time period Dali country the street of culture of mill of a marketplace of economic culture. Colored flag of the colored lantern on the street is hanged high, sundry businessman shop, shop of silver shop, archery range, forge iron is waited a moment, full of beautiful things in eyes, have too many visitors or business to deal with! In marketplace market opening, have the native place that comes from Chinese acrobatics -- the acrobatics of Wu Qiao Zhang Jiaban is performed, what what they perform is all it is absolutely civilian stunt, vivid, altar having a tip, mouth bites whip of handstand of brick of stunt, wood, god to hit candle, spinning bowls of water. In street still have shadowgraph house at the same time. If be interested, can go in admire, appreciate one time " carry detective general, the palm asks 1 million soldier " artistic conception. A gong is noisy I put down Pi Ying to run quickly to the street rapidly, is it possible that it is 4 old evil person, but hear suona horn in succession, salvo of gong and drum, it is happy event clearly, the imperial edict that a moment ago promulgated in the doorway so still has its thing really, the crowd pushs variety downstair, see paragraph of namby-pamby and moving home young lady only, looking in the crowd will look, hold big-leaf hydrangea to be about to cast stop again, amuse audience itch to try, wish to mount a building, still await in people when, see big-leaf hydrangea slip out of the hand suddenly, everybody is contended for desperately grab, who knows me power only power is thin also can fall only a lot that sees a customer, looked at others to do royal husband, also promote toward the belle only sighed. , travel wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling how could indulges children condition is chief, continue to hurry on with one's journey. Ahead hears of Qiao Feng, paragraph praise, Xu Zhu guides beg to help numerous brother resist the Western Xia regime is tasted hall and 4 old evil person are killed to one's heart's content. 3 old past master as expected fierce, be being killed is to translate flying war up and down. A little while kongfu sees fall to the ground of evil person poll only, beg helps numerous child halloo heroic name, numerous treating a customer is to breathe out continuously satisfy a craving. Although all corners of the country is dangerous, but fill full abdomen just has effort again make a living wandering from place to place, will to loose crane wine shop look for a comfortable position to sit down, dare not learn a hero to want a jin of beef, bean jelly of a bowl of Dali also eats acid is hotly tastily, in those days Duanyu and Qiao Feng left a paragraph of a much-told story thereby in this acquaintance just about. Lend these a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct people heroic spirit, amusing oneself still is possible. Had taken big distant market, rambled palace of the Western Xia regime, the setting sun watchs beside the cogongrass house of Nuuzhen tribe, do not become aware already arrived towards evening, always become aware in the heart have be related unfinished, see one Bai Yi's girl has walked along ability to remember only, the fragrant look of elder sister of former supernatural being returns have not to be seen, one hole is medium since asking inn-keeper and road talent are gotten meet, although the immortal elder sister before is a statue only, also calculate finish nevertheless one picket wish. The setting sun horizon was flushed, a moment ago lively downtown streets already cold and cheerless, want a post-horse rush out of hastily suburban, as Zhi of city gate Zhi close, fine fine detecting presumably a moment ago was to daydreaming it seems that, one has bit of knight-errant dream as a child, although cannot battle the sword takes the end of the world, but in the heart much however a few minutes chivalrous. The famous book that looks at Jin Yong later is written into couplet to be engraved on city gate " flying snow reaching the sky shoots Bai Lu, a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of god laugh a book leans on green jade Yuan " . Still driving Home Ma Hui to review dream of lake of one lower reaches of the Changjiang River in the novel of Jin Yong's Great Master.

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