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[Of pink clouds south -- Dali]

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Jin Yong's novel makes Dali famed the world, the Nanzhao country in the novel is an a haven of peace simply. The wind,flowers,snow and moon that we say at ordinary times is Dali 4 scene, on Guan Feng, next closing month of sea of flower, Cang Shanxue, Er.
Have tourist train to Dali from Kunming, in the evening 21: 15 drive, the 2nd day in the morning 5: Arrive 10 minutes Dali. Train was experienced on Guan Feng, because relief concerns, over there all the year round wind is very big. Perhaps be the relation with point-blank sunshine, the color of the flower there is very gorgeous, very beautiful flowers evil spirit it is to offend an eye. Early ate breakfast, we came to Er sea park. From the park the summit inside can see Dali wall, the sun east rise, the cloud horizon is in of rays of morning or evening sunshine according to mirror next appearing all the more beautiful, thick cloud layer ases if lid of a quilt is on mountain range of dark green mountain. Companions take camera to leave the first sun rays in the morning of Hai Meili of Er of hill of this dark green in succession.
Chong Shengsi is Tang Song home of king of period Nanzhao, Dali is principal Buddha temple, before 3 towers stand tall and upright at hill door, today the temple destroys a tower to put, there is one to get together inside shadow pool, there is the charm of Chong Shengsan tower in the pool, water day is linked together, it is beautiful very.
Arrived Dali can go of course butterfly spring, not be butterfly regrettablly sessional, see a Qing Quan only. The person of dress of a lot of rental the Bai nationality gathered by the spring, the flower hires dress of a the Bai nationality 35 yuan to pat a few pieces to illuminate also do not have lasting appeal. The cap of the Bai nationality has a characteristic very much, gathered together the wind,flowers,snow and moon of Dali 4 scene, and can differentiate on the tag that carries from her piece have marriage. I do not say answer to a riddle first, leave a bit interrogation to go in pron yourselves amuse oneself when solved. Still have a bit, young lady, gentleman calling over is nobody manage your oh. See the female wants to call gold the flower, because gold spends delegate beauty, virtuous woman; See the male wants to call A Peng, because A Peng represents the man of brave, wisdom. In the eye of girl of the Bai nationality, wearing glasses is symbolize literately, those who grow is gentle, the man that wears glasses is in Dali is particularly welcome, and be gotten on extremely likely when seeing singing and dancing of the Bai nationality please by girl of the Bai nationality arena goes " play musical instrument to say to love " .

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