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Dali - Qing Lu is written down (strategy of travel travel notes)

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A speech has read a lot of years ago " must not revisit a once familiar place, without what scenery more better than memory. " then, so old will keep away from cautiously all the time this name.
In us most 慒 knows ignorant time (did not compare this most describe us can aptly the condition at that time) , we gave a lot of first time for it. Sit for the first time full long-distance train of 44 hours, ; First time knapsack goes budget traveling; The highland on first time; See a Tibetan for the first time; Him first time sits intercity bus, full 12 hours; First time is equestrian; Horse of first time fall; Be bitten black and bluely by flea for the first time; Also be exclusive for the first time barefoot walks in marsh; For the first time. . .
In those 20 days, everybody has cried, had laughed, somebody ever still thought because of allergic attack of fever midway is exited, as a result 5 people go together, also answer together.
Want to come now, I have a lot of now " bad " illness is the nurturance after travelling that time. For example later travel to always had not escaped every time by flea " greeting " destiny; The last moment that my money always is travelling spends light; Always want to end when the journey just begins, but when arriving to end truly, do not come home again.
I sit in my room
Leafing through your photo
Let me think of Dali again
Sunshine always so bright
The sky is such azure blue
Forever emerald green Cang Shan
I love Er sea of blue
Scattering to nod bit of Bai Fan
The heart beats adagio along with wind
Below aureate the setting sun
In celestial being brushwood of green
Your smile is much warmer
-- Xu Wei " warm "
The Dali December is having warm weather and beautiful sun, there is a small-sized plane only in the aircraft parking area of hollowness. Fly to Kunming again from Guangzhou Dali, actual flight time is 2.5 hours about, but need altogether however 4 many hours just arrive. But it is much better before to had been compared, oh, cannot think again previously. Had not given the airport to get the short message of dark beauty young lady: Welcome to Dali.
Leave the airport to destination Dali set out. How long to see far too the Er sea of color of an azure blue, remember that day of the have an exaggerated opinion of one's abilities we, knickers of dress short covering swims by boat Er sea, the days afternoon, enough makes everybody all and bare outer skin is basked in entirely, go ashore when crus is aglow, after a day, come by cheek crus, drop a skin in the round, can describe only with two words: Horrible.
Conversation of dark beauty young lady is very tender, face for nothing, look to come out the powdery ground that she besmears is not little. The Buddha that makes because of the peak limp of the road be hanged in car head every time bead when the left and right sides shakes, she lives firmly gently with handle gently Buddha bead, again and again. The road is good originally, but because want to build a railroad that passes Er sea, excessive loaded project handlebar road is pressed throat throat is depression again. Besides with highway, railroad, and make a noise the place that the derv boat of overturn the heavens goes to be close to this beauty, why we need not does more primitive method go accepting her? Why when we love same place, what the first pace thinks is " construction " her = destroys her, just say protection next? Still actually a lot of kinds of methods are close to this beautiful lake, for example pedestrian, perhaps ride a bicycle again. Nevertheless I do not have right to speak, at the moment I also on board.
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