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Ability village loosens Dali the good place of body and mind

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The Qin Menglin of reporter of yacht our newspaper of ability village dock is photographed

What nice area said above is delicious, news of our state city takes everybody to go to an amused place again. DaliReporter Qin Menglin gives everybody introduction all the time these daysDaliAmused place, she recommended a special place again today -- ,DaliAbility village, likeDali, likeEr sea, the friend that likes a smooth Lin movie must consider a consideration certainlyDaliability village.

Ability village is located inEr seaMid on the west bank, live hereThe Bai nationalityThe brethren makes a living with fishing forever. Last century end, ability village villager begins to turn to tourism by fishery, a fewThe Bai nationalityThe brethren is inEr seaAbility village dock is managed had small-sized travel ship. A few years ago, here the ship that everywhere uses for the tourist it is thus clear that.

2003, to reduceEr seaPressure, concerned branch takes compulsive step, banned 40 when carry a tourist in ability village dock small-sized yacht, the yacht gross of ability village dock control was in 20 or so. Establish technicallyDaliCityDaliPress down maritime travel finite liability company, managing technically save 20 yacht that come down. Last year, ability village dock is received in all send a tourist 70 thousand much person-time, relatively increased more than 20000 person-time 2004. In maritime travel of finite liability company drive, whole village has nearly 2000 person to be engaged in soliciting handicraft of tourist, travel sale, farmhouse is happy manage, drive the travel such as pony car to serve course of study to reach its relevant industry.

Here, qin Menglin also thinks those who say she comes here to experience: The body and heart can be all-around the ground is loosened, can forget everything almost, can unbridled ground is big breath, never mention it go having the peasant family around happy, go taking pony car, come to here Lian NingjingEr seaLook insufficient. A bit more important: The person here is very few, the friend that come here need not worry about the huge crowd of people of a few tourist attractions at all.

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