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"Village of chiliad the Bai nationality "- - Deng of Yunnan Dali Nuo

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Village of a hamlet can save place of chiliad scene world infrequent, one when be located in in big hill of northwest of another name for Yunnan Province is called " Nuo Deng "The Bai nationalityThe village retains such special honour. Recently, yunnan province government is official this chiliadThe Bai nationalityGu Cun is labelled provincial " village of historical culture name " give the key is protected, the row saves 2l completely one of villages of provincial famous city, name.

Nuo Deng village is located in Yunnan provinceDaliThe Bai nationalityIn the valley of face of northwest of county of dragon of autonomous prefecture cloud. As a result of from period of Tang Dynasty Nanzhao 1000 old since " Nuo Deng " village name does not have a change all the time, be called accordingly " chiliadThe Bai nationalityVillage " . According to textual research, this village is the dorp with the most ages ago years of region of northwest of another name for Yunnan Province, also be the history with Yunnan the earliest province " pretty book " the village city with the exists exclusively up to now original changeless title in account. In the village contemporary civilian house building does not see more, withholding many bright, two government building and famous Yu Huangge Taoism build Qing Dynasty group.

Current, the ancient building protection that already height of many experts, scholar pays close attention to Nuo Deng village and person rank zoology environment problem, especially Ming Qingjian of Nuo Deng village builds content to be withheld such in good condition, more make a lot of cultural relic scholars and ancient building investigator are happy to come here survey textual research.

Bequest of village of construction zoology travel and protective Gucun culture pays equal attention to

Because economy of Nuo Deng village grows to still lag behind relatively, the history is caky almost here, still withholding up to now in the village many bright, two face build Qing Dynasty. Build now increasingly below all-pervading circumstance, how to do protection of ancient architectural of village of good Nuo Deng, make bequest of this one special ethical tradition culture can get effective protection and development, had made a main task.

In recent years, the chiliad view with Nuo Deng unusual village already aroused the strong interest of many experts, scholar. Dean of courtyard of division of Yunnan province company Professor He Yaohua, Yunnan nation institute Professor Yang Guocai and Li Xiao of researcher of courtyard of the division that save a company the investigation and study that waits for expert scholar to pass pair of Nuo Deng Cun partly, those who think as a result of people environment of traditional to the nation culture, zoology is known is ceaseless deepen, the protection that builds zoology travel demonstrative village to be traditional culture and the development that economy builds found an organic union to nod.
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