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Dali is fond of continent

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InDali, be in even Yunnan, pictureHappy continentSuch rural villages and towns is pressed, it is very few some probably. Happy continentIt is historical famous city, it isThe Bai nationalityTypical commercial market town, yesThe Bai nationalityThe nation sends one of bud ground capitalistly, one of live abroad native place with distinguished Yunnan. Because this can say, understandingDaliAndThe Bai nationality, have to understand above allHappy continent.

One forHappy continent, what see above all is village head those two minor details are numerous be like Xie Gai be more than a tree. This is a kind of tree that sees inaccessibly in our country north, local name calls evergreen again, formal name is high mountain banyan. The Bai nationalityThe person thinks, big Qing Shu is a village those who promote is indicative, call it again accordingly " geomantic tree " . Big Qing Shu is oldThe Bai nationalityThe village has little not the geomantic tree that has oneself. This kind of tree comprises the villager together with stage normally people group activity center. Happy continentThese two trees of village head, time already very old. Fabulous this is two one Yin Yiyang tree, a bud another fallen leaves, go round and round, flourish alternately; A result another never result. When labor is intermittent, what the villager often falls in Shu Meng is small rest; "Circle 3 collections " the team like single-line battle array should circle it to be worn madly it is orgiastic; It is the person on the village died, funereal crowd also wants forward it winds a week, insert paper long narrow flag in the burn down below the tree, jie is opposite with placing the dead villatic attaching. Nearby the village of northeast horn is in in also have Qing Shu of an old lady. Every time the autumn comes, chang Qi became full snow-white bittern, this isHappy continentCharacteristic some landscape.

   Happy continentSuppress street of central all directions, it is the small square that surrounds by shop. Here end up a Shi Fang, this builds in recent years namely " civilized lane " . The Shi Fang with this original place cries " autograph lane " , after a few a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations going out on bright generation town, build, the villager that that moment always obtains a scholarly honour and official rank in imperial examinations possibility with name engrave, nowHappy continentIt is an administration division into districts suppresses the seat that imposes government office, but the dimensions that it has a city however on the history. Be in early Nanzhao is migratory come overEr seaAll round before, here isThe Bai nationalityFirst civilian " river pretty " ground of inhabit a region, call great a unit of weight the city at that time, dweller already the Buddhist nun via a lot of, fabulous, the general of emperor of article of the Sui Dynasty has cry history of banzai plunge into military forces here, place call it Shi Cheng again, the smooth dam around child call " history Dan " (Dan and meaning of pasture advertisement city are identical) . Arrived when Nanzhao is sought, built palace here again. The pattern of the city can find clues from present place name, there is city north, city all round east, village name waits south the city, past archaeology worker still disentombs on the town the tile having a word when Nanzhao, cloth grain thick tile and lotus grain eaves tile.
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