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Chong Shengsi 3 towers -- turret of north and south

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South Chong Shengsi, boreal turret, in two sides of big tower southwest, northwest, all be apart from big tower 70 meters, become an isosceles triangle with big tower, only then build atDaliCountry period.

Two towers each are 42.2 meters tall, for 10 class octagon air brick of close brim type tower, there are 2 stage radicals below, lower level is 20 meters long, 20 meters wide, high 0. 9 meters; Superstratum octagon, every side is 5.65 meters long, 1.45 meters tall.

Tower grows 3.97 meters by the side of every, the wall is large 4.4 meters, hollow 80 centimeters.

From tower bottom direct the 7th, crisscross wood is worn inside.

There is a diameter in the middle of wooden wearing 2.5 centimeters square aperture, kongzhong puts wooden axis, to build the newel that stands when the tower.

Tower folds build by laying bricks or stones to give tower brim with the brick 10, give imitate timberwork architectural with bricky build by laying bricks or stones again on each tower brim dougong, smooth.

Each are made the same score, build by laying bricks or stones gives all sorts of Buddhist idol outside tower, the first, 3, 5, 7, 9 make the same score a grain of valve of exterior trim lotus, tower parts in the middle of the face each the Aquarius with crisscross raised act the role ofing, pink clouds holds a tower in the palm.

Its are left, right form of the cabinet that act the role of booth, pavilion type notes a tower, 8 corner exterior trim leans on column.

TASS Buddhist templeput on the brakes from bottom to top is ordinal the boiler that it is Fu, Aquarius, blaze bead.

Blaze of shape of umbrella lid, calabash bead. Umbrella Gai Yuan with copper of gold of fine gold of eight -part essay, the edge receives brim of tower carrying a layer on the head, cupreous bell is hanged on.

South inside tower tower niche for a statue of Buddha figure of Buddha of stone carving of existent red sand 10 human body, boreal tower puts 5 human body only.

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