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Hall of Dali sharp official

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Clever Guan Dian renown Zhu Junge. Sharp official is the god protecting a law of Taoism, general composition watchs two side in older way. The clever Guan Dian of the hill before Dan Wei treasure mountain is independent onefold Dian Yu however, go up in same axes with Yu Huangge, sharp official hall became hill door of Yu Huangge.

Clever Guan Dian only then build at the beginning of Ming Moqing, be destroyed between clear salty the same year, had undertaken between Guang Xunian answer long. A Wang Ling's official that bronze casts resembles the Ceng Siyou inside main hall, heft more than kilograms 200, sharp official hand hold Jin Bian is Tie Zhu, whole God is very grand, was destroyed when great leap forward 1958 regrettablly. The present sharp official inside the hall resembles be clay sculpture, bare face, 3 eyes. The bright spirit prince of the consecrate inside the hall, call Hua Guang great emperor again, it is the god with southern peculiar Taoism, folk says for " igneous god " .

There is bright generation inside clever Guan Dian terminal those who cultivate " laurel Xie Yingong " hill camellia cultivates two, put only today. Ancient hill tea tree is 967 meters tall, the diameter makes an appointment with 15 centimeters, it is the world go up existent and highestDaliCamellia is beautiful. Every arrive spring, hill camellia opens hundreds, big flower is like a bowl, red be like rouge, unusually gorgeous, look to be like one cloudlet glow to depend on half sky far, look to take a person like bright red day glorious nearly, the ancients praise its are " camellia shedding is red " wonderful scenery. According to legend, ancient camellia grows in remote mountains forest formerly, when clever Guandian is being built at the beginning of Ming Moqing, a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest goes to its transplant inside the hall, be apart from the history that already had 339 years today. This individual plant still grows up to now flourish ancient camellia already was regarded as a name to cultivate Gu Mu to try to protect.

Chen Quanyu of archaic Suzhou bookman ever wrote a poem to praise ancient camellia of this individual plant, line is as follows: "Cong Shenchun Tibet does not hear warbler, dew issues caw makeup not to have feeling, fine jade regrettablly because out-of-the-way is far,flower, mouth of abstracted strong and pervasive fragrance is contained alone knit the brows. " this individual plant " laurel Xie Jiuxin 18 valve " camellia curiosa is written beauty is bashfully.

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