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Yunnan the Dali emerald green hill of base of 4 big movie and TV

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As much as one likesDali A Peng is mixed the love of paragraph of childe " all corners of the country "

  DaliElement withWind,flowers,snow and moonromantic and celebrated, on 50 time searchs the century the story of love -- , " 5 gold are beautiful " the gold of Sino-US Li Chunpiao spends A Peng, this century " day dragon 8 " in paragraph of amorous childe and clever and beautiful Wang Yuyan, be to be in deducing love story? Meantime, in drama of two movie and TV see not hard be full of "DaliElement "Er sea, Cang Shan, camellia, Butterfly spring, all without exception gives romantic flavor fully. Although " day dragon 8 " the thing that those who say is He Wulin of all corners of the country, a prop that this also is explanation love setting nevertheless stopped. So I do not say a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is enragedDali, or You XiaDali.

In the past, DaliWith respect to fame outer, this should profit from film " 5 gold are spent " . Love, this noun that can appear at will today, appearing as the theme at that time need courage. That is be in those who do great leap forward everywhere 1959. In those days, the actor Yang Likun that acts golden flower and A Peng, Mo Zijiang, still be child of more than 10 years old, never had performed play, to love it is utterly ignorant more. Just be their honest, natural performance moved countless audiences, also moved international commissioner. 1960, on the 2nd afro-asian film festival, director Wang Jiayi is depended on " 5 gold are beautiful " won award of optimal director Yin Ying, yang Likun won award of optimal actress Yin Ying, and the film " 5 gold are beautiful " show record-breakingly also in 35 countries early or late. The story is full of comedic colour not only, provide more at poetics and picture meaning, piece inCang ShanEr sea, in March street, Butterfly springWait for amorous feelings of strange Shan Lishui, nation depict, deep impression still leaves in the audience heart in that time up to now.

Today'sDaliBecause gold needs,be of famous book more " day dragon 8 " fame Yuan Yang, DaliThe teleplay that also is Zhang Jizhong films the feeling that built former juice raw ingredient, day dragon the extensive of city of 8 movie and TV grand, tope group mysterious, Cang Shanlofty, Er seabeautiful... the historical sense of reality that these sceneries reflected skill of Jin Yongwu a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct adequately. Pass " day dragon 8 " , landscape of as much as one likes perhaps is rightDaliBest appearance.

This " day dragon 8 " make ground of all with one voice called everybody sound good, even if is not knight-errant confusing, also want to be enchanted by it: Return day dragon the 8 knight-errant all corners of the country in Song Dai, paragraph of Wen Ya's amorous childe, beautiful king words handsomes, the A with ancient clever odd choice is violet, bold and inhibited Qiao Feng... everybody is so vivid, every setting feels spotless, besides actors outstanding, more important is the scenery in setting very beautiful, aid the apply colours to a drawing that bought a plot force. The A Zhu below moonish night commits suicide that paragraph, up to now below the curtain of night that I still remember baby blue, big bridge backside is dimly but the Qing Dai of differentiate
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