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Yunnan post: Ancient Dao Ma helps · museum

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The street string that extends by a green flag comes to Yunnan post village, the road of the other in the village is linked together with it, whole village round this region composition, gave a lot of branches and tendrils like the trunk fork that is a tree, hundreds of other peoples are the leaf between branches and tendrils of this main force and fructification.


Flagging has 1 only. 72 kilometer long, 7 pace is wide (about 3. 5 meters) , about 40 centimeter is among wide the bluestone with 60 long centimeter, stone the block that both sides is washbasin size. Through the burnish of horse's hoof of hundreds of years of traces of human presence, the drizzle early spring drenchs, road surface is showing faint light. Speak of Yunnan post, what tell normally is it has provincial save the equestrian store with the most complete, the largest scale, yesTea Ma GuGo up the largest stage, it is the sample book with most whole keep of culture of a train of horses carrying goods... these are right, link its name, sound the annotate that also resembling is pair of dak. But we come up to be being answered back and forth in this when, can browse however in brain chiliad years --


This road becames famous the earliest, with Han Wu the Supreme Being is not divided. How of Chinese fierce emperor is distant, just heat up sowed teleplay " Han Wu great emperor " , what basically tell is the thing of he and Hun. This emperor is actually large-scale to north resort to arms when, the road of Yunnan post already began to enter his line of vision. At that time, to combine country of lunar family name converging attack Hun, and country of lunar family name however because avoid the ability of Hun, arrived early with respect to change unmanned and witting the Western Regions. Zhang Qian is visited, basically be to search lunar family name, purpose of its military affairs is more main. Do not think, the information that Zhang Qian brings back makes Chinese fierce emperor saw Yunnan however -- the goods such as the cloth that there is Sichuan to produce unexpectedly in the Western Regions and cane, these things are to pass to not be the secret way that place of Central Plains dynasty knows to have trade however, "Poison of Sichuan · body " this ability rises to surface. Han Wu emperor just also knows, from the southwest of Chinese face domain, OK before steer clear of hard pilot Hun and the Western Regions are communicated. Such, also just Chinese fierce emperor runs southwest general plan: That check that makes Guo Chang does not have contribute in northward battlefield, recieve orders right now Na Zheng, however with one action is entered
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