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Chong Shengsi 3 towers

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Chong Shengsi3 towersBe located inDaliAncient city northwest 1 kilometer, Cang ShanYing Lefeng thes foot of a hill or mountain, former Chong Shengsi ahead, the temple destroys a tower to put.

Chong Shengsi3 towersBefore be a group (east) one hind (on the west) 2, the tower that shows 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces group.

   3 towersThe vessel stands erect, back hill of snow of 10 thousand an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, yesDaliOf ancient country indicative.

Chong Shengsi3 towersPast dynasties ever was maintained for many times.

Place of big tower surface wipes white ash to amount to 7, answer to be wiped to what when past dynasties is maintained, add.

1984, have in the lime that in cat head wall of 14 coping north drops " resurgence 2 years (the Christian era 889 years) " incomplete of Chinese ink book sentence, be like ever maintained in those days.

AfterDaliZhi Xing of period of time, Ming Daicheng turns the country yearDaliEsquire, Jia Jing year a Li Yuanyang, clear Dai Qianlong year a Yang Changgui, smooth mood 29 yearsDaliEsquire all caustic endowment repair, reparative3 towers.

1978 - 1980, bureau of national cultural relic allocates funds 400 thousand yuan of comprehensive to esteeming holy temple tower to undertake maintenance, tower of filling build by laying bricks or stones base, Buddhist templeput on the brakes of brim of tower, tower, tower lacks caustic part, add avoid thunder establishment.

The unearthed relics when maintaining big tower is close 700, have among them write classics, classics to coil, the figure of Buddha such as jade of copper of gold of mirror of sheet copper of Buddhist relics Hu, Jin Damo, carve characters on a seal, bronze and gold, Yin Liu, porcelain, crystal, discover Nanzhao for heretofore, DaliThe country is the the richest, most important batch in period cultural relic.

March 1961, chong Shengsi3 towersBe announced to be cultural relic of key of the first batch of whole nations to protect an unit by the State Council.

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